what is LiFi and how much faster than Wi-Fi?

By | December 4, 2020

what is lifi: The world is changing as fast as machines are being accelerated to do any work, nowadays some new technology is coming everyday in digital time, similarly today I am talking about such a product  I am going to tell about which few people will know, whose name is Li-Fi friends, what is this Li-Fi and what is it going to do for us, let’s know.

 So Hello Friends, like every time, you are welcome to zugade this time, so let’s know without delay what Li-Fi is.

what is lifi?

 Friends, the full name of Li-Fi is Light-Fidelity, Friends, in today’s young generation, social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instgram, Youtube etc. start circulating in the mind.

 Today, we do video, picture downloading, uploading from internet and also what we do, and we need high speed data to do all these.  By the way, some people access Wi-Fi for high speed data.

what is lifi

In the same way Friends Li-Fi is a high speed optical wireless technology, in this Li-Fi technology, visible light (the light emitted from the LED bulb) is used for digital information transmission, although you know this.  It would be that this world works mostly with wi-fi technology,

 Although there is a lot of difference between WiFi and Li-Fi, the only similarity between the two is sharing information in a wireless way.

But Li-Fi works 100 times faster than Wi-Fi and its speed is 224GB / sec.

Processor क्या होता है

Motherboard क्या होता है?

 In this technology, data is transferred with the help of LED bulb.

 In this, light waves (light waves) depend on the light of LED bulb on the other side of the wall, due to the absence of light on the other side of the wall, Transmission Secure remains.

 We can also do the same thing in Wi-Fi by staying 20 meters away from wi-fi, that is, some people used to hack wi-fi but now it will be impossible to hack the li-fi once the li-fi comes.

So friends hope that you will be very happy to know about the lifi, then friends, tell me how much you are waiting for it, and tell it that you must tell me how you have given information about it and do not forget to share it among friends.  .  Friends, now you would like to know about what is the topic mentioned in the comment box, I would like to bring a post soon. Next time there will be a talk on the new topic.

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