What is the internet, and who created it.

By | December 11, 2020

Friends, today I will tell you about some tips related to the internet, about which you will know.

The Internet has become an importent part of our life today.

Internet is like a computer without a computer, laptop, mobile, there was a time when internet users were very less in the whole world, but in today’s time, the number of internet users has increased so much that you cannot even imagine and in the coming times  I will increase even more.

In the Google search engine, searches are done in a second, every photo a lot of photos, videos are uploaded on the internet and every second, millions of crores of rupees are sent from there with the help of internet.

If the internet is closed or slows down for only one minut, then there will be loss of millions of rupees here, which we cannot even imagine.  So there are many things here that cannot run without internet.

So friends want to know more about internet and read it completely.

What is the internet

Friends internet has a funny story behind how it started.  Yes Friends, this is in the year 1957 when Subeth Unnin launched his frist setelight,

So this news was spread very fast but when this news reached the US, they felt how it happened, just because of this setelight, there was a tip between the US and Subeth Union, and a comptison Suru  And because of this, the President of the United States of America at that time, the President of the United States, Dwight David, in 1958 ARPA, that is, advance research project agency.

The purpose of the President of the United States was to create ARPAs to take our country forward in the world of technology.

 So the size of the computer here at that time was so large that it needed a lot of room to install, at that time most computers used magetic tape and any way to connect multipal computer.  Was not.

Looking at this, ARPA thought that why not make such a System to be created with a network of multipal computers. So ARPA took a technology company to make such a network on this name, whose name was BBN Technology, he made a Network whose main motive was,
Four different computers in which different operating systems were connecting together with a single network whose name was kept in ARPA NET.

So this became an internet initiative in which ip (internet protoc) and tcp ie if internet rule was implemented, then it is due to ARPA that today you are using internet and the tip and tcp used in it is ARPA  It is a gift.

So now the work continued on this and then in 1973 some engineer thought that if ARPA net be connected to packet redaio network, what is PR network symply? What is redio transmitter and receiver used here?  To connect the computer, here you do not need any phone line, this is the advantage.

So here it worked and it took engineers 3 years to get success and after 3 years finally two computers could be connected through a network.

So what happened after about two years after connecting two computers, both networks were connected to the setelight network which was very impotent.

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So here two multipal networks were added together, so it is simply inter networking. In today’s time we also call it internet as soon as it was successful and many more networks started connecting to it.

Then in 1989, Timber’s Lee made it a system, whatever things you have, you can easily find it with the help of the URL or can be searched which was named www (World Wide Web).
In today’s time you can see that if you open any website in your mobile or computer, then you first see WWW written, then here that all this is the Timborns. As soon as it succeeded and many Network began to connect with it.

So in today’s time the electronic cheese becomes connecting on the Internet and it happened in the coming time that all the things that are used in our Daily Life were all connected from Internet.

So friends this way the internet was started and in this way we got internet and today all of us are using internet.

I hope that friends have understood this for you, friends, you liked this more and if you have got to learn something from it, then share it with friends.  And yes, you will get the subscribe button at the top, on which you tap and enter your email so that whenever I post such a post, you will get the first through email.

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